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Why women and children?

Kapilakot, 2 in Sindhuli district is such an isolated part of the district where there is not even access of basic health facility. The reason a number of women in the village die of complication in the delivery, while many children die of common diseases like diarrhea, which is not just because there is no health facility alone but also due to lack of awareness and illiteracy. Thus, the Foundation has undertaken multi-tier of approaches to facelift the villager and the lives of villagers.

For about last one decade or so, prior to the establishment of the Foundation, the very same team has been providing stationeries such as pen, notebook pencils to the students regularly to the students studying in the schools of Kapilakot, 2 in Sindhuli district in order students encourage them to study. In order to institutionalize such philanthropic works and expand the benevolent work, Nepal Nomad Social Foundation was set up. Afterward, the Foundation has continued providing regular such stationeries, appointed teachers and mobilized volunteers to teach in the school. Similarly, it is providing scholarship to the needy children, school uniform, necessary stationeries, mainly in three-schools located in the area namely in Shree Higher Secondary school, Ramata, Mungree Primary school, Sindhuli and Shree Secondary school, Ramata.

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