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Teacher Training Programs

Nepal Nomad Social Foundation (NNSF) will be started teacher training in Ratamata to assist public school teachers. The aim of this course is to strengthen the teaching skills and morale of public (community) school teachers to improve the child-centered quality education in the Ratamata primary to secondary schools. Training will be very positive and participants really appreciate the training.

In the rural communities of Ratamata where we work, insufficient teacher training, lack of educational aids and a focus on rote system often results in low literacy levels. In conjunction effective child centered textbooks are in short supply. Nepal Nomad Social Foundation and the District Education Office to develop and deliver Child Centered Teacher Training for all teachers in Ratamat schools. In conjunction with the assistance of experts from outside Nepal and within Nepal we have developed a program to ensure teachers can teach basic read and write skills effectively using the tools and books we provide.

Ratamata Teacher Training

Ratamata Teacher Training

We will be running quality education in Ratamata as a teacher training project to improve the quality of education in Government schools in rural Ratamata schools through our comprehensive teacher training. Teaching skills in Ratamata schools are poor with little focus on development of creative thinking or development of life…

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