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What is a non-profit organization?
A “non-profit organization” is an organization no part of the income of which is distributable to members, directors, or officers. A non-profit organization is created by filing a certificate of formation with the chief district officer (CDO). A non-profit organization may be created for any lawful purpose, which purpose must be stated in its certificate of formation.

Major FAQ

Which airport do I need to fly?

Nepal has only one international Airport. It is Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu.

Where do I go from the airport?

The staff of Global Crossroad will pick you up and take you to the specified hotel, where you will take a rest and get prepared for your project next day.

Do I need a visa? If yes, what kind of visa can I apply?

You will need to have a visa to travel and volunteer in Nepal. You can get a tourist visa at the airport upon arrival. You have to pay different amounts of visa fee for different durations of stay. You will have to pay $25, $40, and $100 for 15, 30, and 90 days respectively. Typically, your project duration is two weeks, so you will be fine getting 15 days visa. If you intend to stay a little longer than that, it is better to get 30 days visa. You need to have two passport-size photos and cash to pay visa fee. In the purpose of visit section, please write TOURIST

Will be there any orientation program?

Yes, our local staff will conduct an orientation. This orientation will cover information you will need to stay, travel, and work in Nepal. You will get to know about the country, local customs and cultures. You will also know about the project and what you will be doing as a volunteer and the safety tips you will need.

Where will I be staying upon arrival and during the project?

You will be provided with a safe and relatively comfortable accommodation—usually, a hotel—upon your arrival. Depending on the project site and facilities available, you will either stay in a hostel or with a widely screened host family during your project.

What kinds of meals are served?

You will be provided typical Nepali meals for your lunch and dinner each day which usually includes rice, vegetables, lentil soup. You will be served Nepali meals each day. Your breakfast will include a cup of tea, bread, and eggs. You will be served tea and biscuits in your breaks.

What should I do if my flight is delayed? Where should I contact if I get lost? Is there an emergency number?

You will get the contact details of the person who will come to pick you up from the airport. If your flight happens to be delayed or are not able to find our staff at the airport, you are advised to call the emergency number provided to you. One of our staff will pick you up within 30 minutes. Alternately, you can go the address we have provided you if you are not able to find the staff at the airport.

If I arrive early, where can I stay?

In case you are arriving earlier than the volunteering date, you will be able to stay in a local hotel. Please contact us in advance, and we will arrange this for you. Please note that you will be responsible to pay the costs of food and accommodation.

Can I volunteer with a friend(s) or a partner?

There is no problem if you want to volunteer with your friend, family, or partner. For this you will have to inform in advance so that you can stay together and work in the same project.

Can children under the age of 18 volunteer with you?

We cannot involve a person under 18 in our volunteering program. However, if the person is travelling with the adult friend or family member, he/she will be able to the volunteering work, and will be able to arrange this.

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