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REGD. NO. 549/068/069  |  PAN NO. 304583861  |  SWC AFFILIATION NO. 31531


Having no access of even basic health facility a number of women and children die of not getting treatment on time, the illiteracy, lack of awareness on the health, hygiene, sanitation and the poverty has further aggravated the lives of the villagers in Kapilakot, 2, in Sindhuli district. In order to relieve the situation to some extent, Nepal Nomad Social Foundation has formulated a program for volunteering opportunity in this aforementioned particular village, whereby anyone will be able to design any sort of training programs relating to education, health, and sanitation and other skills and train villagers.

While doing so, the volunteers also will have the opportunity to work and learn with diverse ethnic groups living in this remote village. The volunteering opportunity ranges from providing education to the children to the infrastructure building, offering health services and so on, for example, Being a volunteer how you can:- - Teach English to the students in schools. - Provide books for school library and stationeries for student. - You also can devise training packages relating to health, hygiene, sanitation, education and so on and train villagers, including women, children, youth, and help take small small initiatives. - You can help build necessary school infrastructures like renovating school building or contribute in rooftop, benches, classrooms etc. - If you are health professionals or interested to work in the health issues, you can also devise program like health camps, and awareness raising programs on health, or contribute to set up health facility like health post or so in the village, where there is nothing as such, or provide any sort of medical services. - You also can formulate the skill-oriented training programs and conduct and help youth, women, or village to be self-employed. - provide fund or donations for the betterment of education and health of the villagers, and so on. Thus, Nepal Nomad Social Foundation is the perfect organization for people like you who are wishing to make a difference to the lives of those less fortunate. As of volunteer, you will not only have an opportunity to serve the community alone but you will have amazing cultural exchange and experience the real Nepal. A number of multi-ethnic, multi-religious, multi-cultural people are living in the village and therefore, you will be able to explore the distinct local culture, rituals, and lifestyles of people living in the area and equally, you will be able to go for trekking in any part of the country you wish to go, as because Nepal Nomad Trekking, the well-known trekking agency in Nepal is the patron of this organization.

Teaching Volunteer

You dont have to be a teacher to volunteer on our teaching volunteer. There is no need to have a TEFL qualification to gain work experience in any of our four schools. You dont even need to speak the local language where you are in Ratamata. The programme is open…

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Public Health Care

Public Health Care volunteers help provide urgent health care and programs to the most suffering people of Ratamata. No matter what your background, experience, or faith, wed love to have you join our team. Medical and healthcare projects are vital for those in developing community of Ratamata to get access…

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