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REGD. NO. 549/068/069  |  PAN NO. 304583861  |  SWC AFFILIATION NO. 31531

Our Profile

Nepal Nomad Social Foundation Found in the year 2010, the Nepal Nomad Social Foundation works towards educating the underprivileged children, literate illiterate women and provide possible health and sanitation services, thereby changing the lives of the people living in Kapilakot, 2 in Sindhuli district forever. It is a remote village which has no electricity, road, health institutions, and adequate schools. Nepal Nomad Social Foundation is a non-profit, non-partisan, and non-governmental organization, formally registered with the District Administration Office, Kathmandu and affiliated with the Social Welfare Council (SWC) of Nepal.

The purpose of establishing this organization is to empower women and children through education both formal and informal, health service to some extent, trainings, and financial support for needy children from underprivileged group to get basic education.

Co-Founder of the Foundation, the Sarba Jit Thapa, Magar who was raised in Kapilakot, 2 in Sindhuli district, reminisces, 'gone were the days, we, (he and his friends) had to study in the open air, as there was no school building, neither was there chairs or other infrastructures. I along with other colleagues then did not have opportunity to study, and obtain even the basic qualification. The result is that I myself have been deprived of opportunities. The situation of this village is no different now except a few changes. Thus, Nepal Nomad Trekking jointly with Italian Alpine Climber and other well-wishers found the Nepal Nomad Social Foundation in order other not to face same fate. The organization first initiated its work by contributing full salary of some subject teachers' providing necessary stationeries to students and books for school library and later it has expands its hand to other sector as well. Thus, Foundation aims at providing universal education and health care services to the children and women thereby changing their lives and creating positive change in the lives of the villagers.


We envision a situation where every single child attains education; where no single member of village including women and children die of untimely and where every member of the village hold the power to create opportunity for themselves and others for making better livings.


Our purpose is to enable every single child to attain at least minimum level of education, inform, literate and empower every member of village including women through informal education, trainings, and programs for accessing necessary health and education, and make better living, equally be the partner of sustainable development of village.


In order to realize its vision, Nepal Nomad Social Foundation sets the following objectives:

  • Provide scholarships, stationeries, books, school uniform to the needy children.
  • Provide teachers and volunteers to teach in the schools.
  • Provide best possible support in education for building essential infrastructures such as classrooms, benches, libraries, books, etc.
  • Conduct skill oriented trainings relating to organic farming, waiving etc so that after training, each member of villagers be self-sustained, self-employed and make better living.
  • Organize the general health camps frequently and equally provide emergency services like ambulance facility for needy and pregnant women seeking urgent delivery services.
  • Conduct awareness raising programs related to health, hygiene, nutrition, sanitation etc, and so on.