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Charity Holidays

Nepal Nomad Holidays, is an authorized and a well-known touring agency in Nepal. It is run by the team of professionals who are fully dedicated to make your holiday trip in Nepal a full of fond and memorable in lifetime. The agency is not merely devoted to make the trip of each traveler a remarkable but also is committed to bring positive changes to some extend.

In order this; the agency is also operating the charity trekking and charity tour in Nepal. The agency will spend the amount of income it earns from organizing of this trip to provide scholarship for the needy down-trodden children, salaries for teachers, stationeries, and book in the schools where Nepal Nomad Social Foundation is currently serving namely in Kapilakot, 2 in Sindhuli district. This non-profit, non-partisan, and non-governmental organization was found jointly by Nepal Nomad Trekking jointly with Italian Alpine Climber and other well-wishers.

Charity Treks

The Himalayan Mountains are unique and awesome adventures. However, not everyone has the same taste or desire of adventure. Therefore we have created different options to explore Nepal’s great diversity. Discover the fascinating mountain challenge as well as Nepal’s breathtaking countryside, tradition, culture and lovely people. Each option can be…

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