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REGD. NO. 549/068/069  |  PAN NO. 304583861  |  SWC AFFILIATION NO. 31531

Teacher Employment Projects

RATAMATA has got 4 different schools Shree Higher Secondary School, Mungre Primary School 45 minute distance from Shree school, Simaltar primary school 30 minute from Shree school and Pangre primary school in 20 minute distance from each other.

Nepal Nomad Social Foundation has supported Shree Secondary School by providing one full time English teacher for 5 year full year and volunteer teachers in this school, which is located in Kapilakot, 2 in Sindhuli district. The team of the Foundation had been providing the stationeries to the students studying in this school for one decade or so. At present, the Foundation has scaled up the quantity of stationeries such as pen, notebooks, pencils etc. to the students studying in this school regularly. Similarly, the Foundation also has been providing scholarship, school uniform, to underprivileged children primarily those children from Dalit and poverty ridden communities.

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