Helping People Changing Lives...

REGD. NO. 549/068/069  |  PAN NO. 304583861  |  SWC AFFILIATION NO. 31531

Who We Are

Nepal Nomad Trekking and other well-wishers collectively found the Nepal Nomad Social Foundation in order to educate to underprivileged children, literate to illiterate women and provide possible health and sanitation services, thereby changing the lives of the villagers living in Kapilakot, 2 in Sindhuli district through education, training, awareness raising programs, health services and so on. At the initial stage, the Foundation focuses to provide universal education and health care services to the children and women thereby creating positive change in their lives forever.

The Foundation beliefs, that if opportunity for education is provided at their areas, none of the children later on have to blame their fate and lose potential life changing opportunities due to not having education. And, it also beliefs that if the health service provided and raise massive awareness in regards to health, hygiene, nutrition and sanitation, no any women or children in village have to die untimely.